A professionally formulated, field proven, action oriented plan that will provide web services to enhance your business operations.
Marketing Solutions by Last Exit
Good advertising depends on inspiration--inspiration that causes your consumer to take the desired action. We fluently combine the opposing, yet complementary, languages of images and words to inspire your target audience.
Format - we will work with you to creatively convey your message!
Our creative team will create print and multimedia to help convey your marketing message. This includes promotional DVD's, TV Commercials, Print for brochure, flair, mailer, newspaper & magazine.
Campaigns - we will work with you to help your business grow!
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing, also known as performance-based marketing, allows online businesses to expand their reach and distribution through commission-based partnerships across the web. Billions of dollars have already been generated through affiliate marketing relationships.
Bulk Email Application
Send bulk email marketing campaign to your list of clients and track in a database to see if they opened the email and then pursue with automated follow-ups.
Press Releases
A press release (also called a news release) is a document issued to the media, financial community, trade and industry analysts, investors and consumers to announce a product, partnership, acquisition, event, personnel announcement, or other newsworthy item. Public companies issue press releases to the financial community when they need to disclose "material" information simultaneously.
Generate more leads—Invite 25 to 1,000 prospects to Web seminars and events for product demos and informational presentations. Keep audiences engaged—Deliver multimedia presentations with audio, video, and flash animation live from any Web browser. Save time—Create customized enrollment forms to gather the info you need and send event details to participants automatically. Maximize results—Get instant feedback from attendees through audience polling and live Q&A.
Together we will create a survey that gives both Quantitative & Qualitative Insights. An online database will run and track results for easy reporting and study.
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